Resource: Business and Management Scenario assignment —Document data warehouse reports against your data warehouse. —-Write a 350- to 700-word paperexplaining how each report will help management analyze,

This is Part Three of the three-part assignment. For this week, you will complete the following:

Resource: Business and Management Scenario assignment —Document data warehouse reports against your data warehouse. —-Write a 350- to 700-word paperexplaining how each report will help management analyze, solve, and monitor the issues


Data Warehouse Reports Introduction In an enterprise a data warehouse is a database used for data analysis and reporting. Data warehouse is integrated, subject oriented and permanent collection of data that help management’s decision making process in an organization. It is a central repository of data which is created by incorporating data from one or more different sources (Ganczarski, 2009). Data warehouse is used in three types of applications: Data Mining, Information processing, and Analytical processing (Ganczarski, 2009). Data warehouse has now become important platform forData Mining. Data Mining supports information discovery by finding the hidden copy and its links, building analytical models, performing prediction and classification (Patil, 2011). This paper explains how data warehouse reports will help management to analyze, solve, and monitor the issues. Document Data Warehouse Reports against Data Warehouse A document data warehouse report is designed for aparticular purpose. Because the purpose of a data warehouse differs from that of a document data warehouse report, the design characteristics of a document data warehouse report that supports a data warehouse differ from the design characteristics of a document data warehouse report. The security and audit and requirements for document data warehouse reports need to be properly documented

(Ganczarski, 2009). This document should contain all the information gathered on the following. ? Data movement and storage requirements ? Data classification ? Network requirements ? User classification ? All auditable actions How Data Warehouse Reports will help management analyze, solve, and monitor the issues?Data warehousing report is one of the best powerful tools available tohelp a business enterprise.Data warehouse reports help management to analyze, solve, and monitor the issues. Data warehouses help management in business decisions by collecting, merging and organizing data for analysis and reporting with tools such as online analytical processing and data mining (Patil, 2011). There is no frequent updating done in data warehouse. Data warehouse hold historical data which help the management to analyze its business and to compare trending reports for quarterly and annually (Patil, 2011). Data warehouse helps the management to organize, understand and use their data to take strategic decision. Data warehouse systems available which helps in integration of diversity of application systems. A data warehouse is solely responsible for maintaining the security and integrity of stored data, and for recovering information if the system fails (Ganczarski, 2009).. Conclusion Data warehouses collect, merge, organize, and summarize these data so it can be utilized for business decisions. Data warehouses have been utilized for years to strengthen business decision makers. Data warehousing approaches and techniques are well established, widely adopted, prosperous, and not controversial. References: Ganczarski, Joe(2009). Data Warehouse Implementations: Critical Implementation Factors Study VDM Verlag. Patil, Preeti S (2011). “Optimization of Data Warehousing System: Simplification in Reporting and Analysis”. International Journal of Computer Applications (Foundation of Computer Science) 9 (6).. Data Warehouse Reports 1 Data Warehouse Reports 2 Data Warehouse Reports 3

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