Reggae around the world

Reggae around the world

Reggae is a genre of music that first originated in Jamaica but has now spread all over the world. On page 54, your text book lists a few reggae groups outside of

Jamaica, including Blekbala Mujik (Australia), Alpha Blondy (from Cote d’Ivorie in West Africa), the herbs etc. In Brazil local musicians have mixed samba rhythms with

reggae to create a new genre called samba-reggae, while in the US bands like midnight are becoming popular.

For this  assignment conduct a research on a reggae group from another country other than Jamaica and write about them. (you can choose one of the groups I mentioned

Include a description of the band or group, where they are from and a description of their music.
Be sure to talk about the following
•    What do they sing about mostly that is what is the message of their music? Is it political, does it talk about social issues etc.
•    who is their audience?
•    What subcultures are they part of ? Are they part of a social or political movement?
•    Finally compare what you found with what we have discussed in class about reggae from Jamaica.
•    Is their message and audience similar? Do they use similar words, and ideas as those associated with Jamaican reggae (Bab

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