Quality Assurance Program

Paper instructions:

Case management programs are usually considered to be an element of the Quality Assurance Program. However, some health care professionals believe that they may be more interested in managing costs rather than quality of care. Considering this issue please respond to the following questions:

Do you believe that case management programs are more concerned with reducing costs or improving the quality of care? Please justify your position.
Generally discuss the limitations of a typical case management program and their strengths.
Do you believe that case management programs will become a medical program necessity in the future? Justify your position.
In your opinion, how important are “gatekeepers” to the case management process?


evaluate and critique a health care facility you are familiar with and compare it to the general principles and standards for quality assurance presented in this course.

In the earlier paper  you identified a health care facility for the subject of the paper and presented a description of the facility and it’s quality assurance program. You also critiqued the facility’s Continuous Quality Improvement program and the Utilization Management Program

In this module you will discuss and critique the subject facility’s Case Management program. The remaining modules for the Session Long Project the remaining tasks are as follows:

Describe and discuss the facility’s Case Management program.
Compare and critique the subject facility’s Case Management program to that of a model facility and whether the facility adheres to the recognized standard for case management, including disease state management.
Determine if the facility’s quality assurance program results in the patients being helped to maximize their health care benefits.
Identify areas for improvement in the facility’s Case Management program, if any, and any recommendations you think should be implemented to improve the quality of patient care

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Optional Readings
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