Public health issue

Topic: Public health issue

Order Description
This order is for a research paper of a public health issue which is cancer as a leading cause of global mortality. Attached with the order is a word doc proposal of an introduction which should be part of the paper, but this page does not count as on of the four. The paper should be divided into four parts. introduction which is already been written and attached to this order along with a list of objectives that needs to be done and written in this paper. Metohds, which is how you searched for the sources, what search engines did you use, what key terms did you sue to look for sources that can only be review articles and journal papers, you can use magazine and governmental websites. Use third language writing in the method section of how you searched for the paper. Third part is results, which is the data gathered from the sources that answers the list of objectives in the word doc. The sources should present data from US and Qatar. Last part which is discussion and conclusion in which you analyse the data and provide personal suggestions in how to improve the cancer programs and what could be done to make this public issue which is cancer less problematic. I will attach also an outline for the paper for guidance. Let me know if you have any questions.