Project Proposal & Feasibility Study

Prepare a “proposal” project plan for a made made up company. I’ll upload the file that has the information needed about the customer very soon.
The proposal need to includes:

1- Introduction to the project plan and background on the project. (check pdf file)

2- Organizational Information (your company & employees). This is a made up company, not real!
a. We are a startup company (…), small that has 6 employees.

3- Reasons why your company is the best choice, without stating “our company is the best choice because …”. Rather state the strength of your company and any relevant experience/expertise your company has.
a. please just make simple, not an impressive company! something like expertise in data bases and C++ and so on!

4- Identification of the business problem (Scope, Stakeholders, and Goals). Hint: Limit the scope; nice simple solutions.

5- Identified constraints. e.g. time, funding, operation system (e.g. Ms windows xp,& and or 8, Mac OSX, )

6- Naming Conventions & Definitions. (glossary containing the meaning of all names, acronyms, and abbreviation used by the stakeholders)

7- A simple project plan describing how your company will break down the project and proceed. This includes the software development process model you have selected, the activities to be undertaken, the milestones identified and how we ascertain whether those milestones are reached.
• They prefer to use the current hardware (if possible) in addition to new ones that required for the new concept.
• Backup or a copy of the current database.
• New backup system.

8- A time estimate to project completion (This should match up to the activities above..consider a technique like a Gantt Chart).
• The project must take no more than four months to be completed.

9- Overall project cost, including hardware that maybe required.
* Please clarify how did you calculate the total price:
a- Fix cost: office rent, wages, supply, PC and so on.
b- Variable cost: Travel, Hotel, meals and so on. *assume the company is 150 miles away from the customer.
c- IT supports.

10- A risk assessment.

11- A feasibility assessment.

For more clarification on this project you may use the book named below as a guidelines.
Robertson, Susanne & James, Mastering the Requirements Process – Getting Requirements Right (Third Edition)

– If considering the Volure Template in the textbook, you’ll be basically taking an initial stab at most of the subsections in the Project Drives, and Project Issues sections.

Remember you only have high level requirements.
-The purpose is to understand the business problem, not gather specific requirements. The proposal is the only communication with Pivotal Communications decision makers you have. You are trying to show the decision makers that your company is competent and capable of delivering THE required system, on time and on budget.