Professional Writing – Keys to Success

Want to make a professional income from your  writing  career? You can, if you realize that in today’s world,  writing  is a commodity, and a low-paid one at that. Discover how you can turn your  writing  into more than a commodity, so that you make upwards of $1 a word for everything you write.

Firstly, let’s look at what I mean by classing  writing  as a “commodity”. A commodity is a raw material or primary agricultural product which can be bought, sold and traded. Copper is a commodity, and so are sugar, rice and wheat.

If you realize that your  writing  is a commodity, you can develop a professional  writing  career, because you’ll realize that you need to take steps to differentiate YOUR  writing  from that of other writers. Once you’ve differentiated your  writing , it’s no longer a commodity.

How do you differentiate your  writing ? One word: marketing. Taken as a group, writers are pathetic marketers of their  writing ; this is why most writers have low incomes.

I should mention a caveat: before you start marketing your  writing , ramp up your  writing  skills. The more competent and professional your  writing  the more you will earn when you market. On the other hand, if your  writing  is woeful, all the marketing in the world won’t turn a pig’s ear into a rose.

Your  Writing  and the Marketing Mix of the “Four Ps”

If you’re new to marketing jargon, you won’t be aware of the marketing mix, often known as the “4Ps”, which are Product, Price, Promotion and Place. The 4Ps give you a handy checklist for marketing your  writing .

Although the 4Ps are simple, you need to be aware of them, with every  writing  service you sell. Let’s see how they work, with a scenario.

In our scenario, Rosemary is a new writer. She wants to make some money  writing  from home, and has discovered that  writing  articles can bring in a good income if she markets herself well.

Before she starts advertising her article  writing  services, she considers the 4Ps and decides how she’ll apply them.

The 4Ps will form of the basis of all the promotion she does, so she needs to get them clear in her own mind. If she’s confused, she knows that her prospective buyers will be confused too, and won’t buy.

She writes down her outline of the 4Ps for her article  writing .

Product – Article packages of ten articles;

Price – Test various price points, starting at $10 per article;

Promotion: Free classifieds sites, forums, Twitter;

Place: She needs to set up a page on her Web site for this product; she’ll use this as her sales process “landing” page.

When Rosemary uses the 4Ps, she has a plan. She can begin to market her articles with confidence.

Of course, there’s much more to marketing your  writing  services than the 4Ps. However, using them sets you on the road to a high-income professional  writing  career — they’re keys to your success.