Privatization of the public sector, the types of privatization, reasons, benefits and drawbacks ” pros and cons” as well as the reliability of privatization



-The concept of privatization and how to differentiate private sector from public sector.

-Reasons for privatization

– A case study should be included in this paper “I prefer Australian examples “

-The consequences of privatization in terms of the benefits and drawbacks

– The different kinds of privatization and the most effective one.


A list of possible section headings for the final paper :

-Main topic: Privatization of the public sector

-Introduction (definition , key question ) ” 500- 700″words

-Types of privatization


-Case study about the privatization ” at least 2 case studies and i prefer Australian cases “

-Reasons for privatization

-Associated issues

-Benefits of privatization & shortcomings of privatization ” pros & cons”



References :


at least 10 references :

There are many articles and books written by Hodge Graeme you can use it and include other references


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