Positive Effects of Opium War on China

Topic: Positive Effects of Opium War on China

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My final paper is about the positive effects of the Opium War on China. For example, China is forced to open up to trade with foreign countries. It marks the end of seclusion policy of Qing government and contributed to the economic boost of China. Also, Chinese people started to learn from the west of their language, technology, history, machine, legal system and etc after the Opium War. Additionally, the Opium War helped to break feudal society of Old China and stimulated the generation of capitalism. It would be better if you could think of more positive effects other than these three.

Requirements: This paper should be draw substantially from primary sources using Chicago style. The final paper assignment is a 2600-3000 word research paper. You must use at least four primary sources, three secondary sources (of course you are free to use more, and better papers usually do), and make an historical argument that draws on the primary sources.

Primary sources: Using files from Shanghai Municipal Police Files or North China Herald Origins is recommended. If you are using a case file from the SMP, individual items in the file may be counted separately, but you should have at least one primary source from outside the SMP file.