Poetry Forum

Poetry Forum

For the Poetry Forum Final assignment, you are to read Chapters 8-13 in the course textbook. Then, select a poet from the course textbook to analyze. You will analyze a common theme (love, hate, depression, death, oppression, etc.) that is prevalent in three (3) of the author’s poems. The author and at least one of the poems must come from the course textbook.

A. Select an author from the poetry section in your text and choose three (3) of his/her poems to study and analyze.
B. Write a poem consisting of four (4) stanzas that contain four (4) lines each. Use the author’s theme(s) as a reference for your poem.
C. Do not write a Poetry Essay.

The only thing you should submit in your forum post is the following:

1. The name of the author chosen and the names of the author’s three poems
2. An analysis of the theme selected in the author’s three poem (300)
3. Your poem
D. If poems are written in second person (you), usage should be limited.

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