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I think that the “Test Driven Development” is an “in” now. This trend probably is propelled by “J-Unit”, “N-Unit”, and Visual Studio (it has a very nice built-in testing feature). Please share at least one of the following with us: 1. Your “Test Driven Development” story and work experience (if you could, your fellow students and I highly value your personal story) 2. Interesting articles or books on “Test Driven Development” (if you don’t have a story, you can help us with your research) 3. “Test Driven Development” and “Small Scale Software Outsourcing” – If you run a small software development shop and you hire several offshore developers, can you use this “Test Driven Development” method as the main component of your business? Even you work for a big company, it is still possible to play the “outsourcing card” by asking your boss to hire offshore developers who work under you (you serve as a coordinator). Believe or not, this way you can actually make yourself an architect! Can you use “Test Driven Development” method as a way to “manage” your offshore employees?