;;1. Overview of the coursework;The purpose of this coursework is to develop a Java application that models a sports-activity booking system for the UEA Sports Park (SP). In the Sports Park, a receptionist needs to enter every activity that is required by a customer (a SP member or a non-member) into the booking system. Or design project in java for any other topic of your choice.;1. Travel Agents;2. Cinema and Theater;3. Coffee shop;4. School Admin;5. Electronic shop (Apple products);6. Bakery;7. E-learning Languages;8. Estate agents;9. Beauty;10. Car parts;11. UEA Sport;This course work/ Project should tell and illustrate to the reader and second marker how your java application were implemented, what are the user and system requirements and where they were taken from, what are its key features and how they relate to helping the users.;After finishing the input, a total charge is calculated, together with an itemised receipt that lists all booked activities, their costs, and other useful information such as membership discount, total cost, number of activities, and date.;Design and write a Java program to simulate this booking process. The program should read in the customer?s name and sport activity code(s) required by a customer. After processing the booking information, the program shall print out formatted information on the receipt (see section 3 for details).;2. Data input;Your application should be able to accept any valid activity code (refer to section 5) entered from the keyboard. T he application firstly captures the customer?s full name and membership status, and then prompts* a user for sports activity code(s) ? the process will not stop until the user enters a code ?No?. The data input process can be seen in section 6.;* Prompt in programming means presenting necessary messages on a computer screen which shows that the computer is ready to receive an end-user?s instructions.;3. Output format;After process the entered information, the booking system should print out information as follows;a) Customer name and membership status;b) How many sports activities have been entered;c) The cost of each activity;d) The average cost and total cost of the booking;e) How many booked activities are in the ?0.00 ? ?5.00 group;f) How many booked activities are in the ?5.01 ? ?10.00 group;g) How many booked activities are in the over ?10.01 group;h) The date of the booking.;Based on the input in section 6, the system should output an itemised receipt as follows;Customer Name: Ji Zhou;SP Member;———————————————————;Sports booked: Basketball x1;Football x1;Squash x2;———————————————————;Price of each activity;Basketball ? 9.00;Football ? 12.00;Squash ? 4.50;———————————————————;Average cost: ? 7.50;Total cost: ? 30.00;In ?0.00 ? ?5.00 group: 2;In ?5.01 ? ?10.00 group: 1;In over ?10.01 group: 1;———————————————————;Today is: 25/6/2012;If the customer is not a SP member, cost for non-member (see section 5) should be applied. For instance, Ann de Cogan is not a SP member and has booked two badminton courts ? her receipt can be seen as follows;Customer Name: Ann de Cogan;Non-Member;———————————————————;Sports booked: Badminton x2;———————————————————;Price of each activity;Badminton ? 5.40;———————————————————;Average cost: ? 5.40;Total cost: ? 10.80;In ?0.00 ? ?5.00 group: 0;In ?5.01 ? ?10.00 group: 2;In over ?10.01 group: 0;———————————————————;Today is: 25/6/2012;4. Submission process for your work;1. The NetBeans project for your java application should be included in a compressed file (.zip) and submitted via email to before the deadline. The zip file should be named with your student ID and your surname, for example,;2. All code should be adequately documented with comments, and structured using appropriate indentation.;3. You should also submit printouts of your java application and all JavaoptionPane screen shots, which should contain testing results of your program.;4. You should submit a written report (no more than four pages). The report should start with a one-paragraph executive summary indicating to what extent you have successfully completed the coursework, as well as outlining the main points in the report which follows.;5. The main body of the report should describe briefly but clearly and accurately the design decisions and implementation strategies you have adopted, encountered issues and their resolutions, and testing procedure you have followed.;6. For each part of your application such as input section, process section, and output section, you shall state explicitly what you have completed, whether your implementation compiles with or without errors, whether the program runs with or without runtime errors, and whether it produces correct results ? if not, explain your reasons.;7. The deadline for both parts of the submission (zip file and your written work) is 15:00 Thursday 24 th. Apr 2014.;8. The penalties for late submission are as follows;Coursework handed in before 15:00 hours on date due ? No penalty;After 15:00 hours but before 24:00 hours on due date ? 10 marks deducted;Before 15:00 hours on either 2nd or 3rd day after due date ? 20 marks deducted;After 15:00 hours on 3rd day after due date ? All marks deducted;5. Activity code and price list;Code;Activity;Cost for Members;Cost for non-members;A1;Aerobics;4.50;5.40;A2;Archery;5.00;6.00