Phil Knight Leadership Style

Phil Knight Leadership Style

Choose a leader you admire then research his/her leadership role, traits, behaviors, style, achievements, and motivating influences. You may choose a leader you know personally and interview that leader and his/her followers. Or, you may choose a leader you don’t know who has a published biography or autobiography (PHil Knight) . Be sure to collect enough published articles and materials to make the biographical sketch a credible and verifiable one.

You will assess your chosen leader by selecting a total of three (3) different theories, models, tables, or diagrams and evaluate your leader against each. Your assessment will be a combination of how effectively or ineffectively your leader performs in comparison with each of the individual theories, models, tables or diagrams. Support your assessment with examples and other evidence that illustrate in what ways your leader is effective and ineffective.

Include in your paper a prescription for change – – that is, how could the leader improve? In what specific ways might the leader change, develop, grow or adjust to become more effective? Be specific in your recommendations. Refer back to the theories, models, tables or diagrams to establish where the leader is weak or ineffective. Also, include rationale for your recommendations. That is, explain why your particular recommendations would be effective.

Your overall analysis should be thorough and systematic. Your assessment should be of a scholarly nature and includes concepts, theories, etc. from our textbook as well as several external sources (i.e., scholarly journals, business magazines, newspapers). Both our textbook and other scholarly sources SHOULD be incorporated into your portfolio paper from beginning to end.

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