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READ: Anthony J. Bradley & Mark P. McDonald. (2011). The social organization: How to use social media to tap the collective genius of your customers and employees (pp. 9-25, 31-37, 55-76 & 183-208). Boston: Harvard Business Review Press.

READ: Steve Nicholls. (2011). Social media in business: Succeeding in the new Internet revolution (pp. 52-57). Bookinars.

Cheryl Burgess & Mark Burgess. (2014). The social employee: How great companies make social media work (pp. 201-212). New York: McGraw-Hill.

Bradley and McDonald discuss mass collaboration to achieve key business goals. These involve using customers’ collective intelligence and ingenuity. Amazon has created value for users of its site by crowdsourcing an immense number of reviews by customers of products they sell. It is clear that many potential customers rely on the validation provided by their peers in product selection. Find and discuss several other sites that use customer critiques to similar advantage. Include an evaluation of sites such as TripAdvisor that have reviews of other people’s businesses rather than their own products or services. Describe a new site that will provide a venue for a critical online community reviewing a type of product or service hitherto not existing. You might suggest how such a community could be developed based on the Burgess and Burgess reading.