“paradise of the blind” by Tran Hang

“paradise of the blind” by Tran Hang
Paper instructions:
From the novel “paradise of the blind” by Tran Hang. make an argument and then prove it. start widely and then narrow it down. 2-3 paragraphs. introduction should have one sentence thesis statement and each paragraph should start with topic sentence. do not use words “I” or “you” because it limits, rather make it universal, something that applies to all of us.
you can choose one of the following topics
1)what is the role of family men, such as chinh or hang’s father?
2) what is the role of aunt Tam’s storytelling?
3)what does the title mean?
4) who is Tran Hand? Define the narrator as you have summed her up.
The paper should be written in expository style.
The paper must have
1) an introduction ending in predictive thesis statement.
2) body paragraphs which fully develop and follow the order of thesis statement. each paragraph should include 3-5 examples from the novel to prove your point.
3) a conclusion



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