Operational tempo issues


Operational tempo issues

Identify, research and discuss two (2) areas of strengths or weakness concerning the significant problem issues or failure

areas in the replacement of staffing and rotation of police, EMS, fire or SAR personnel who responded to the 911/ September

11, 2001 events. You may address operational tempo issues that apply to either the NYC/WTC event or the Pentagon event. It

is not necessary to address both events. The topics must be identified, discussed and reviewed in academic/scholarly

publications and/or official documents such as official agency after action reports. Use of the course or other textbooks,

popular media sources, and other non-scholarly sources, etc. will not be considered for grading purposes.

Include at least (2) web references located where you found creditable information (either scholarly or official) on the

assigned topic as that information or aspects pertain specifically to your LOCAL communities plans/situation/circumstances.

Inclusion of local documentation is in addition to the (2) academic/scholarly references mentioned above, regardless of the

assignments general topic. This LOCAL discussion and documentation requirement is in addition to the two (2)

academic/scholarly references mentioned above, or any aspect of those references and regardless of the assignments general

topic. This is where you key in on the LOCAL aspect even at the potential use of sources of marginal scholarly value.

Address/discuss those two (2) areas weakness/improvements as they relate to your local community’s emergency response

plans/capabilities IF the items discussed in the formal studies etc. are also identified in your local communities’ plans

or official sources. Locating and discussing your local community plans, or lack thereof, that are posted online are

critical issues in this and subsequent assignments. Official government reports, government data bases, etc. will be graded

as being equal to scholarly works.

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