Here are some questions to guide your observation of the event. This is not an all-inclusive list, but a very good start!
a. How did the performers enter the stage? What did they do when they came out?
b. How did the performers greet the conductor as he/she walked on stage to conduct?
c. How would you describe the manner in which the conductor came on stage?
d. What apparent process did each conductor go through prior to giving the first down beat (e.g. stand quietly for a moment before putting up his/her baton or immediately begin the music)
e. Did the conductor acknowledge the players at the end of the selection? If so, how?
f. Which families of instruments were featured
or played most often during the performance?
g. What role did the percussion section play in the performance?
h. Which selection did you enjoy the most? Why?
i. Which selection did you enjoy the least? Why?
j. What was your overall impression of the performance? Be specific

Content: Must include the REQUIRED INFORMATION (see above); include as many details about the music as possible,
demonstrating your application and synthesis of information.
Style: Give a clear impression of what it was like to attend this performance, but avoid simply writing a “play-by-play” of
the evening. Don’t be afraid to state your own opinions, but be sure to support your argument with concrete information.

*The above details was from the professor syllabus, but if you are stuck with details try to talk about something general of that kind of music.
see the program I will attache, it will have all the event information and btw the opera was based on the book by Thacher Hurd, with Music by Edward Barnes and it was a good play. it was like a show. I went to the Opera play on April 9th.