offer and acceptance

offer and acceptance
Mary joined her local gym on the 1st march. on the 20th while visiting the gym she noticed an advert that stated;Reward £50 will be payable to any member who introduces a new menber who buys a yearly membership. claim must be made on the card in reception and must be posted to Bulging Msclesds LTD befor 21th of May. Mary introduced a new menber. james,to the gym on the first of April. James buys a one month membership for the first month and than a one year membership on the 1st of may. Mary wishes to claim the reward and posted the card on the 15th of may. On the 23rd Mary receives a letter informing her with regret she is unable to claim as
1)offer has been revoced by their website on 7th of May
2) that the card was not received in sufficient time to claim.
3)Jame was not a new member when he bourgth the years membership, but was as existing member.
Advice Mary.


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