niche tourism ( culture and heritage)

Topic: niche tourism ( culture and heritage)

Order Description
An individual, written critique of a current trend within a niche tourism target market.
(1500 word report)
note: i chose culture and heritage
This written work needs to focus on a single niche tourism service product and plot its popularity
over time. It is suggested you find one that is increasing in popularity. Obviously this will
require the use of some statistics and sourcing specialist journals and text. You might wish to consider tourism flows, seasonality, challenges/ barriers to future development and
opportunities in terms of perhaps social change, tourism demands and technological advancements. A PESTLE and SWOT may act as useful platforms upon which the
discussion and study can be structured.
Higher grades will be awarded as follows:
• evidence of wider research rather than just the content of the class discussion by seeking influences of other industries and factors;
• higher level of critical analysis and debate, (contrasting the views of different authors)
• accurate grammar, spelling and appropriate structure;
• links to theoretical frameworks that are properly cited and referenced;
• application of theory to practice and provision of examples/ best practice models;
• use of contemporary sources to justify recommendations and conclusions