Topic: narrative affidavit on columbia bank

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the same thing you have written for me before but on different case.
*here’s the professor’s comments of the old one take a look of them

this submission is better, but you still have to remember that you can’t say anything in an affidavit without providing the judge specific information as to how you found or discovered that information. If Dawson tells you something tell the judge Dawson said that in her statement to me. If Martin tells you something tell the judge that Martin told you that in his statement, and make sure you separate their statements into different paragraphs. If you are referring to information you “believe” came from the Bensons make sure you state that Martin of Dawson, told you what the Bensons have said. If you see or hear something then tell the judge that.

Lastly and most importantly when you ask a judge for a search warrant you always have to provide a specific list of evidence you expect to find. So in my suggested conclusion you need to look over the list and make sure you agree with and understand where that list comes from. Remember to review the 4th amendment to the Constitution so you see the reason for this important aspect of an affidavit.

*here’s also some comments on the old one i will upload to you please take a look of them before you start the new one because that would affect on the grade