Mumbo Jumbo by Ishmael Reed, Nadja by Andre Breton, and Resurrection Man by Eoin Mcnamee

You want to write one literary analysis for each of the three novels: Mumbo Jumbo by Ishmael Reed, Nadja by Andre Breton, and Resurrection Man by Eoin Mcnamee. Precision and rigor of analysis is valued above rhetorical panache. Avoid repetition of thought. The analysis should be leading somewhere throughout its development. Do not get bogged down in fancy introductions or redundant conclusions. These are short papers; you want to be concise and deliberate in thought and language.
Here are some formal requirements.
-Each analysis must comprise 2-3 pages of double-spaced writing.
-Use one-inch margins (left to right, up and down)
-Use Times New Roman font (pt 12)
-Provide citations for your quotes,
e.g.: Adela says, “bla bla bla” (Forster 32).
-Use only the novels. No secondary sources are permitted.
-About four to six quotes seems reasonable for each analysis. Block quotes would be excessive for these short assignments.

Mumbo Jumbo Essay Prompt:
While Hinckle Von Vampton searches for a Talking Android to suppress Jes Grew through propaganda designed to distract or fragment the black community (so as to keep the Eurocentric/Atonist establishment in power), PaPa LaBas seeks to find the Text through which the creative and liberating power of Jes Grew can express itself. Conceiving of Mumbo Jumbo itself as a body of texts through which the marginalized voices of history express themselves, discuss ways in which the novel articulates those expressions through form and content.

Nadja Essay Prompt:
Nadja is simultaneously a character, a locus of ideas and sensations, and an object of dreams and desires. She, like the art presented in the novel and the Parisian streets she inhabits, becomes an aesthetic object for the narrator. Discuss how Nadja is a vehicle through which the narrator explores surrealist texts (art that emphasizes chance, nonlinear juxtaposition, and dream logic). Does Nadja, like Nadja, become a surrealist text that resists rational order and cohesion? If so inclined, feel free to comment on how this relates to Nadja’s eventual descent into madness.
(Examples of texts within Nadja: the photos of buildings and art, the drawings and paintings, the many references to works in the writing–drama, film, etc–and the writing itself). *Since this literary analysis is short, it is understandable that you will have to be selective in your choices of texts.

Prompt for Resurrection Man:
Eoin McNamee’s Resurrection Man represents ways in which the sectarian histories of Northern Ireland divide people—pitting Protestant and Catholic neighborhoods, and extreme paramilitary groups, against one another. In the midst of this divide, Victor Kelly, a Protestant burdened with a traditionally Catholic last name, repeats a history of violence and hatred through a series of disturbing murders.
Discuss how Viktor Kelly’s rise and fall is represented through a network of texts, including film media, print media (newspapers), and television media, and attempt to explain how the bodies of Viktor’s victims function as texts within a map of urban violence

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