modernism culture
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A research paper about post modernism culture (four questions in total). three to four websites(sources) should be enough to answer each question. For past research papers of the same nature,i was able to fit all four questions and answers into one and a half pages. So lengthy answers not required. POST MODERNISM CULTURE 1.BACKGROUND TO; AND INFLUENCES ON THE DESIGN PERIOD (describe the background to the design period, the social background, the background to where the design came from – other countries and design movements influence on) 2.CHARACTERISTICS OF DESIGN PERIOD (describe the important historical events of this period that have had an effect on the design movement; describe the discoveries and developments, either technological or scientific; describe the influences of the period ie. Nature, war, speed, grid/layout, removing decoration, etc) 3.KEY FEATURES THAT IDENTIFY DESIGN PERIOD (Describe the important identifying aspect of the design movement – the way the work looked, the materials they used, the techniques the used) 4.MAIN FIGURES (DESIGNERS) OF THE DESIGN PERIOD (briefly list the artist/designer/craftsman from this period – what they are most remembered for – the medium (style) they worked in or with)