Miscarriages of Justice

Topic: Miscarriages of Justice

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Although the focus of your essay will be upon one core issue/problem, you MUST ensure that within your answer you demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the following key themes from the module:

1. different forms of miscarriages of justice
2. the scale of miscarriages of justice
3. causes of miscarriages of justice
4. impacts of miscarriages of justice
5. responses to miscarriages of justice

Your answer should also include reference to relevant theory and cases of miscarriages of justice where appropriate and where possible. However, take care that details of cases are summarised in as few words as possible as such description takes up valuable word count. Make use of an Appendix for further case detail and description. The Appendix is not included in your word count.

Essay titles: Michael Naughton (2007) suggests that high-profile wrongful convictions are the tip of a very large iceberg of miscarriages of justice. Critically analyse what the term ‘miscarriage of justice’ means and the differing forms of miscarriages of justice evident in England and Wales.