1- Please you should to avoid plagiarism in this paper.   2- You should to use the current resources such as journal articles, textbooks, and credible websites such as – gov or org but you must avoid using any websites or articles include .com. 3- I would like to use British style in the writing and Harvard style in the references list.

Question  Pre Hospital retrieval Case A van has collided at high speed with a car. The tasking agency reports that there are three severely injured patients including children. All are still in the vehicle and could be trapped. In addition there is one potential fatality at the scene.  Relevant information:  Retrieval means: Rotary Aircraft  Ground Resources: 3 ambulances, police and fire and rescue  Retrieval options: Major trauma centre 20 minutes by air, general hospital 30 minutes via road.  Environmental: Approaching rain.  For this submission you must:  1. Describe your Pre hospital plan and immediate actions on arrival at scene  2. On arrival you note 4 patients from 2 vehicles and all have been extricted  a. Patient 1 is pulseless and apnoiec with a large opened skull fracture with extra-cranial brain tissue visible  b.Patient 2 is a middle aged female with a rigid abdomen and bruising over the pelvis. She has decreased air entry over the left lung field according to on scene paramedic. Her BP is 90 systolic and GCS 6  c.Patient 3 is a male 11 years old with closed bilateral femoral fractures who is crying inconsolably. His pulse is 120 beats per minutes  d.Patient 4 is from a 3rd vehicle and is complaining of ankle pain.  Outline your treatment for these patients and provide rationale for who you would select for the air retrieval.


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