medical informatics report

medical informatics report
For this assignment, you are to maintain the role of the medical practice manager (non-physician business manager) for a community health clinic. Recently, the clinic has been awarded a Federal grant to implement a comprehensive medical informatics program. You have been asked to write a 10-12 page implementation plan to the clinic’s senior management team regarding medical informatics specifically for your clinic.



Be aware, that each member of the senior management team has distinct needs and concerns. The team includes the executive director, chief financial officer, chief medical officer, chief information officer, development director, and safety assurance officer.


The implementation plan report should do the following:

Describe the role of medical informatics in quality improvement and 2-3 anticipated benefits of health information technology for the clinic.
Identify 2-3 organizational factors essential to successful implementation of a medical informatics program.
Identify the role of the senior management team and 1-2 functional benefits the program’s implementation will provide for each team member category.
Identify 1-2 perceived organizational challenges regarding such an implementation and 1-2 recommendations to manage those challenges.
Identify the role of cross-functional teams and the type of organization culture that will support a successful informatics program implementation.
Explain at a high-level at least three legal, regulatory, and/or ethical safeguards that the clinic should have in place to assure quality and patient safety.
Your final product will be a word document and will be approximately 10-12 pages in length and utilize approximately 5-6 scholarly sources in your research. Your presentation should be written in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; and display accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.




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