Mass media analysis

2) Analyze a piece of mass media that is related to the issues discussed in class through the lenses of race, class, gender, and media analysis. In other words, choose a piece of mass media (print media, newspaper article, magazine article, video clip, movie, song, etc…) and deconstruct it utilizing the themes and theories discussed in class. This paper should be around 10 to pages in length. You must reference at least 6 articles in your essay. I highly recommend referring to more than 6 articles. Also, please let me know where I can find the piece of mass media you selected to deconstruct. If it is a song, include the lyrics. If it is a movie clip from the internet, please provide the link, etc… Please make sure that your analysis is undergirded or informed by the theories discussed in the readings and in class. This means that your essay should not be a litany of opinions. Rather, it should be a detailed, thorough, in-depth, and rigorous explanation of the piece of mass media that you chose. You can include opinions, but they should be a marginal part of your essay. Before you start examining the piece of mass media, ask yourself, “which theories and which articles will help me make sense of or give me insight into what is happening in this piece of media?”…….


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