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Maridadi African designs company deals with selling of kitenge clothing. The company essential items are dresses, wrappers and handbags made from the Kitenge fabric. The items are exported from Africa and specifically from Nigeria. Kitenge is a colorful African fabric with beautiful patterns. It is usually made of cotton and sometimes waxed and so it shines and glows in the light. The material ‘breathes’ and so keeps the body cool in warm weather. The kitenge is thicker than the kanga and it is an all season type of clothing. Women in Africa wear it for important occasions such as weddings, to church and casually at home.  It is widely worn in Africa and thanks to some celebrities who have been rocking the dresses it is starting to cross over to the western world (Kaitesi 1). The prices are amazingly affordable. The kitenge garments are extraordinary and sexy and are given as gifts to young women to wear and express their beauty. Women also wear the wrappers in the beach around their waist to cover themselves (Nelly3). The dresses from our company are elegant and respectable.


New release.

Maridadi Designs Company is pleased to introduce its new spring collection named Urembo.  The collection show cases a range of dresses and table clothes. The dresses are colorful, streamlined and edgy with an array of sizes from two to eighteen. The table clothes have been uniquely cut to give your living room a chic feeling. We have also added some pieces that could easily be used to cover sofas and other furniture around the house. Kamiri our CEO is thrilled about the new collection and she can hardly wait for the revealing day. She further thanks her team for the success of the collection. Buyers and the press can make appointments to view the entire line and learn more about exciting new developments from Maridadi Design Company by visiting booth forty one in the women’s wear section in New York. For more information, go to 871-544-7018 or email


Schedule of events.

We plan to hold an excellent show where we will show case our fabulous new designs. The marketing team will be in charge of designing and putting out posters and adverts for our new products a week before the fashion week begins. Auditions for models will be on 20th February 2012. Experienced models are welcomed to the auditions. On 10th March 2012 we plan to hold a fashion show.  Evanescence rock band will entertain the audience before the show begins. Brochures will be handed out to the guests to aid them in contact information and other questions that they may have. In the evening we plan to hold a party where the guests will interact with the designers and marketers. There will be stands on every corner where sales of products will be conducted.

Background information.

The company began in March 2005 with a small number of workers but now it has grown to a great enterprise that serve people in America and also some countries in Africa such as Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania. The company originally began in Kenya before it expanded to the U.S.A. The founder of the company discovered that most tourist were interested in her goods when they visited Kenya and so she came up with a grand idea of bringing the goods to them. The future of the company looks great as seven years ago the only products that we sold were dresses and now other items such as handbags and furniture covers have been added into the mix. The objective of the company is to bring the African touch in the western world. We aim at bringing vibrant color and an array of patterned fabrics. The company sells only women clothing but due to public demand we are planning introducing men clothing next year. The company is doing well and so we have enough finances to execute our new plans. From 2008 to 2012 we have gained high profits due to popularity of our items in the media. We hope that this trend will continue as time passes.

The company was started by Jane Kamiri who is our current CEO.  She has a degree in arts and Design from the University of Ohio. Kamiri was born in Nairobi, Kenya. Her mother, Joanne Wanjiku, was Kenya-born and died when she was five. She was later adopted by the William’s an American family. Growing up in the states, Kamiri was the target of schoolyard bullying and teasing, because of her color and past. To pass time she would design clothes at school and read magazines. A teacher discovered her talented and requested her parents to enroll her in an arts and design school. When she graduated she went to leave in Kenya for a while with relatives and discovered the kitenge world and started a small company before coming back to the states.

Through determination and perseverance the company has grown to what it is now with over fifty workers and still growing. Kamiri is a hardworking, good- natured and talented woman and her mission is to freshen and brighten people’s life by bringing in more color to the society and to link her African culture and heritage to America. Before starting the business Kamiri conducted a research on what was missing in the clothing industry in America and she found that her African heritage was under represented although it had been flourishing in the market industry in African countries. So she thought of coming up with her own line of clothes which was a brilliant idea. She still continues doing research by engaging buyers and asking them questions about which items they like most. To stay on top she plans on modifying her older pieces to fit the modern woman. Kamiri is a creative artist and skilled professional. Her understanding of business and clear communication has earned her the reputation of being reliable and easy to work with.  She also makes contributions to the girl child education program in Kenya and seeks partnerships with merchandisers all over the world. For queries about her work she can be reached through the following number 871-5444-7018.

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