Management Strategy & Planning


Prompt 1 (Points 25)
Use the rational decision making model (all eight steps; one step at a time with proper headings and tables) to demonstrate your choice of the college. You must have at least three other alternatives in addition to Ashland University. Provide all the necessary information.
Prompt 2 (Points: 25)
Use the content with specifics from Coach Sue Ramsey’s presentation to demonstrate the understanding and importance of the following concepts. Be sure to provide definitions & explanation of each concept/term as you use it.
1. Mission/vision
2. Planning (strategic and/or tactical)
3. Well written goals
4. Organization culture
5. Group decision making

Prompt 3 (Points: 25)
Ashland University recently announced tuition re-set. Use the strategic management process model (all six steps) to argue why this strategy may or may not make sense. Use and cite the Collegian article, University’s press-release, Chronicle of Higher Education, Wall Street Journal or any other source.