Management Knowledge

? 1. Loyalty programs are programs that recognize customers who repeatedly use services or buy products offered by a company. Examples include Bi-Lo?s Bonus Card, Kroger?s VIP card, frequent flyers, etc. Determine the risks associated with loyalty programs and identify the risk that is of most concern to you and why.;? 2. From the e-Activity, imagine you are a CTO of a large enterprise and have been tasked with choosing an ERP system for your organization. Compare and contrast commercial ERP systems to open source ERP systems focusing on flexibility and extensibility, supported platforms, support, and intellectual property issues. Describe the one you would choose and why.;Commercial systems include SAP, located here, Oracle PeopleSoft, located here, and Seibel, located here.;Open source ERP systems include Openbravo, located here, OpenERP, located here, and xTuple, located here.