Management Challenges

Activity 1: What is Motivation?
Comparing Theories of Motivation
a) Compare and contrast the theories of Maslow, Alderfer, McClelland, and Herzberg. Present your assignment in chart/table form.
-Lower-order needs
-Higher-order needs
-Unique element of this theory

Activity 2: Motivation in the Workplace
Motivation and Compensation
b) Money may not be the best motivator, but compensation plans and incentives can be effective. When financial incentives are properly developed and administered, they are advantageous for both individuals and organizations.

(1) Research and gather information about each of the following:

-Bonus pay
-Employee Stock Ownership (ESOP)
-Pay for performance (merit pay)
-Skills-based pay (pay for knowledge)

(2) Choose an effective method of reporting your findings in a concise, clear and business-like manner. You should define what the item is and give at least one realistic example for each.

Activity 3: Effective Communication
Effective Communication

c) Read the article entitled “Building effective communicators.”
“If Canadian companies want to survive in this global competitive world, then strong, positive interpersonal communication must be the backbone and foundation of all organizational communication. It is a company’s responsibility to set the tone, create an appropriate environment and build a supportive culture.”

In your own words, highlight one of the important communication skills that are necessary for overall corporate success and sustainability. You are encouraged to go beyond the information in the article.