Making a square 2 dimensional integer array

Making a square 2 dimensional integer array *;// ***********************************************;// You will;// 1- ask the user for size of 2-dimensional array (you need to ask the user for number of rows) and create the array. It is a square array, so number of rows should be equal to the number of columns;// 2- fill the array with random integers from 1 to the size limit;// 3- print the array;// 4- prompt to see if the user wants to do another;// Production hints- USE THE TEMPLATE FILE!!!;// 1- Don’t allow 0 size arrays.;// 2- You will need to use nested for loops to assign values to the elements of the array and to print them;// So that the values in the array aren’t huge keep them limited to a range that is determined by the number of rows{ A 6×6 square will contain integers smaller than 7, a 3×3 square will have integers smaller than 4};// 3- Print it in the square format (On screen it will look like a rectangle but as long as the number of rows and columns are the same we will consider it a square.;// 4- If you used a Do loop to start the square the While condition could be held here to check a sentinel