Make a transaction and object for a flowchart

Make transaction and object for a flowchart

Transactions and objects:
– Do you see how the meaning of the list is explained? E.g., “The Vendors table lists organizations to whom checks are made out” It may seem obvious in many situations but this kind of clear explanation is needed more often than a novice might expect. Do you explain what the list means?
– Do you see how the definition of transactions vs. objects is explained for the tables in the list? Note that each can be thought of as a “list” of things or events of a particular type. Also note that at this level, the lists might be a bit complicated. For example, as the term progresses, you will see that capturing all the information for the invoice will require at least two lists to nicely document how an invoice is allocated to more that one project code. However, for now, calling it one list is fine. Do you accurately classify your object and transactions and provide customized applications of the definitions?
– Note that for each list at least two of the details recorded are included. Try to have two IN ADDITION to an identifying number. For example, it’s true but not very informative to say that we keep the check number in the list: it was better to add payee, amount, etc. because that provides the reader with more explanatory information. Did you include a list of some of the key details you record for each item in the list?
(I will post an whole example. You can check it and it will help you to understand how to write object and transactions. You just need to know the part of transactions and object in the example. The notes will help you how to write.)

Your writing should like as the example below (Check it in example, I marked them in red color):

Obeject: (Write One paragragh)
The Add New Vendor table lists……………………………..
Transaction: (Write One paragraph)



Read red color paragraphs in example before your writing! Make sure your understanding the whole process of flowchart, then write it. Thank you.
Your work below:
You should write the Object and transaction about the flowchart of Add New Vendor below (don’t need any resource, don’t more than 1 page):