Lilya 4 eEver

1 Watch Lilya 4 eEver (Director: Lukas Moodysson) Link for the movie ( http:llwww.sockshare.comlfile/SC4959E1FAC8C58E)

2. Write up a

personal reflection on the film you watched in relation to the discussion in class today and the different arguments discussed today. This
should be roughly one page. The best answers will show both in-depth and thoughtful personal reflection ofthe issues raised, as well as 2
understanding of any debates raised in class that resonate.

3. Do an ‘argument tree’ (like the example given on the powerpoint in

class) with regards to prostitution (or, if you did the debate in class, for pornography). You should try to think through the reasoning of
different points of view.

Argument tree is in the Pornography and prostituion presentation- slide number 15.

Quotes of debate is in the

docx file.