Letter of Appeal to UC, Berkeley

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Writing an appeal letter to UC Berkeley
1. Write an opening paragraph. You will want to establish the purpose of your letter in the first paragraph. This paragraph is not the place to get into the details. Briefly explain what decision or action you are appealing, give the name of the person who made the decision, and the date on which it was made. You also want to indicate the outcome that you desire.

2. Write the second paragraph. This is where you tell your story. Explain what happened, in chronological order, or the order it happened. Be sure to include dates and all relevant facts. You should also mention any documentary evidence that you have and/or witnesses to the events. As you describe what happened, be very careful to control your tone, it should remain calm, professional, and factual.
(My father graduated from UC Berkeley from computer Science and engineering, worked at IBM, was always very successful but economic crisis could not be avoided.) (parents were in Asia, I had to work while attending De Anza College. I was able to finish all my required courses to transfer in 2 years. 2 years ago, my parents business did not go well due to the economic crisis in Hong Kong, I had to make money to support myself for food, rent, utilities and everything. However, I was able to and finished all my required transfer courses in time.)

3. Write the third paragraph. This paragraph should be used to describe why your appeal should be granted. Explain why what happened was unfair, against the rules and regulations, and/or why you should be given another chance. Where appropriate, quote and/or refer to guidelines, handbook rules, or statutes that support your claims.
(I am bilingual in Chinese and English, studied in the United States 6 years ago and do not have the ability to read English like every native speaker does but I was still able to handle my academics.)

4. Write a closing paragraph. In this paragraph, you should summarize your main points and state what it is that you want. For example, if you are asking for a change in a ruling made against you, you will want to clearly state that you are requesting a reconsideration of that ruling. You should then thank the reader for his or her time spent considering your appeal. This can be done with a simple sentence such as, “Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.”
(Appealing for undergraduate transfer admission.)

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