Learning Disabilities Essay Questions

Topic: Learning Disabilities Essay Questions

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1. Discuss the differences between learning disabilities and cognitive disabilities. Include how each disability might be observed with regard to academic achievement
and how the role of “normal” expectations are relevant to the comparison.

2. Discuss the differences between ADD and ADHD. Why do these two disabilities fall under both HIPPA and FERPA privacy regulations?
3. Discuss the differences you might observe between elementary and adolescent-aged students who have a specific learning disability in reading. Include how the
student may respond to instruction, demonstrate understanding, or relate to peers in the learning environment

4. Discuss the role of early identification as it relates to LD. How might a Pre-K teacher first become aware of a potential learning disability and how might that
teacher determine appropriate early interventions for the student?
5. Discuss how a teacher might accommodate a learning disability in the classroom specific to assessments. Include how a teacher would determine if an accommodation
strategy OR an actual modification of the assessment would be warranted.