Land-Use Impacts on Transportation

In Chapter 16, you are introduced to the land-use impacts on transportation. In the Ewing and Cervero studies, pick one of the four major impacts and explain why you think it is important and what you would do to help or improve that area given the chance. The four major impacts are:
1. Total vehicular travel (VMT or VHT) is primarily a function of regional accessibility. Local densities and degree of land-use mix had little impact on total travel, which implied that pockets of dense, mixed-use developments in sparsely populated areas would offwer little benefits.
2. Trip frequencies: are largely a function of socioeconomic characteristics and are largely independent of land-use variables.
3. Trip lengths: are directly due to the built environment and indirectly due to socioeconomic characteristics. They are generally shorter in traditional urban settings characterized by concentrations of activities, diverse land-use, and grid-like street networks.
4. Modal choice: depends on the diversity of land-use, local population densities, and socioeconomic characteristics. However, the prevalence of walking and transit in traditional urban settings may be attributed to the self-selection nature of the sample (i.e., people who prefer to use transit or walk are likely to choose to live in traditional urban settings).



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