Lady Gaga Personality Analysis using Psychological Personality Theory

Lady Gaga Personality Analysis using Psychological Personality Theory


How a person basically behaves in different situations. This includes thought patterns, behavior and feelings (Kowalski & Western 418).


Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta ‘Lady Gaga’ was born in 1986 in Manhattan, and attended the Sacred Heart High School in New York. Both her parents were artists hence her music talent is hereditary.

Strong work ethics

In an interview on CNN, Gaga claimed that her parents taught her and her siblings the importance of working hard in life and that is what she still upholds (CNN para. 34).

At the age of four, she learnt the piano by herself and wrote her first song by age thirteen. At 15, she did odd jobs in order to buy flyers for her show promotions. Her hardworking nature has seen her climb the success ladder. By 2010, she had made a worldwide sale of close to 15M albums.


Social and family support systems

Growing up in a Catholic school, Gaga did not have a lot of friends; she dressed differently and hang out with boys more than girls. She was then labeled a ‘freak’ and teased frequently. Her lack of social support manifests today as she is empathetic with people having similar issues. To make up for inferiority complex she faced in high school, Gaga today is fierce  in her music and choice of fashion. Her family encouraged her to follow her desires.


Her lyrics show less agreeableness and portray more of neuroticism, conscientiousness and extraversion (Kowalski and Western).


Gaga in an interview with CNN when asked why a lot of her performance is centered on death, she agrees that it is because death freaks her out. She faces her fears by turning them into an art that is meaningful.

Her political perceptions such as inclination to gayism explain her quest for meaning in life. She has featured gay military persons in one of her music videos.


Her personality entails both learned and inherent behavior. This has made her what she is today; a unique and influential pop star of our generation.


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