Joe?s Automotive

Joe?s Automotive;Joe?s Automotive performs the following routine maintenance services;? Oil change?$26.00;? Lube job?$18.00;? Radiator flush?$30.00;? Transmission flush?$80.00;? Inspection?$15.00;? Muffler replacement?$100.00;? Tire rotation?$20.00;Joe also performs other nonroutine services and charges for parts and labor ($20 per;hour). Create an application that displays the total for a customer?s visit to Joe?s.;The form should resemble the one shown in Figure 6-25. Note: Visual Studio lets;you use an apostrophe in a project?s name, but the apostrophe will prevent you from;being able to run the project after it has been created.;The application should have the following functions;OilLubeCharges Returns the total charges for an oil change and/or a lube job;if any.;FlushCharges Returns the total charges for a radiator flush and/or a;transmission flush, if any.;arges Returns the total charges for an inspection, muffler replacement;and/or a tire rotation, if any.;OtherCharges Returns the total charges for other services (parts and labor);if any.;TaxCharges Returns the amount of sales tax, if any. Sales tax is 6%, and is;only charged on parts. If the customer purchased services only;no sales tax is charged.;TotalCharges Returns the total charges.;The application should have the following procedures, called when the user clicks;the Clear button;ClearOilLube Clears the check boxes for oil change and lube job.;ClearFlushes Clears the check boxes for radiator flush and transmission;flush.;ClearMisc Clears the check boxes for inspection, muffler replacement;and tire rotation.;ClearOther Clears the text boxes for parts and labor.;ClearFees Clears the labels that display the labels in the section marked;Summary.;Input validation: Do not accept negative amounts for parts and labor charge.;Below is a start up code to give you an Idea of material level; Class-level declarations;Const decOIL_CHANGE As Decimal = 26D ‘ The oil change charge;Const decLUBE_JOB As Decimal = 18D ‘ The lube job charge;Const decRADIATOR_FLUSH As Decimal = 30D ‘ The radiator flush charge;Const decTRANSMISSION_FLUSH As Decimal = 80D ‘ The transmission flush charge;Const decINSPECTION As Decimal = 15D ‘ The inspection charge;Const decMUFFLER_REPLACEMENT As Decimal = 100D ‘ The muffler replacement charge;Const decTIRE_ROTATION As Decimal = 20D ‘ The tire rotation charge;Const decLABOR_PER_HOUR As Decimal = 20D ‘ The labor charge per hour;Const decSALES_TAX As Decimal = 0.06D ‘ The sales tax for parts; This procedure calculates the total fees and displays them to the user.;Dim decTotalOilAndLubeCharges As Decimal ‘ Oil and lube total;Dim decTotalFlushCharges As Decimal ‘ Flushes total;Dim decTotalMiscCharges As Decimal ‘ Miscellaneous total;Dim decTotalOtherCharges As Decimal ‘ Parts and labor total;Dim decTotalTaxCharges As Decimal ‘ Tax on parts total;Dim decPartsCharge As Decimal ‘ Parts charge;Dim intHoursOfLabor As Integer ‘ Hours of labor;Dim decTotalServicesAndLabor As Decimal ‘ The total of all services and labor.;Dim decTotalCharges As Decimal ‘ Total of all charges;Private Sub btnClear_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnClear.Click; This procedure resets the controls to default values.;End Sub;Function OilLubeCharges() As Decimal; Initialize the total oil and lube charges to zero.;Dim decTotalOilAndLubeCharges As Decimal = 0D;End Function;Function FlushCharges() As Decimal; Initialize the total flush charges to zero.;Dim decTotalFlushCharges As Decimal = 0D;End Function;Function MiscCharges() As Decimal; Intitalize the total miscelaneous charges to zero.;Dim decTotalMiscCharges As Decimal = 0D;End Function;Function OtherCharges(ByVal decPartsCharge As Decimal, ByVal intHoursOfLabor As Integer) As Decimal;End Function;Function TaxCharges(ByVal decPartsCharge As Decimal) As Decimal;End Function;Function TotalCharges(ByVal decTotalOilAndLubeCharges As Decimal, ByVal decTotalFlushCharges As Decimal;ByVal decTotalMiscCharges As Decimal, ByVal decTotalOtherCharges As Decimal;ByVal decTotalTaxCharges As Decimal) As Decimal;End Function;Sub ClearOilLube();End Sub;Sub ClearFlushes();End Sub;Sub ClearMisc();End Sub;Sub ClearOther();End Sub;Sub ClearFees();End Sub