Quick fix wanted

CalanderDate.Java File is used to run Chapter14.Java which needs to changed

Stack.Java stays the same.

Create a Class called with public static methods that provide solutions to the following Exercises in the text.
with the following significant modifications, so please read carefully:
I will use in each case for testing purposes, so use compareTo as appropriate.
Stacks can be empty, so don’t let your code blow up in those cases.
If we examine two Stack objects (#5), be able to handle the case that they are the same object.
2. stutter, modify to return the stuttered Stack, and leave the original Stack unchanged.
5. equals, use the String equals method for comparisons, leave the original Stacks unchanged.
15. isSorted, use compareTo to evaluate if sorted, and leave the original Stack unchanged.
19. removeMin, use compareTo for evaluating the minimum.
Only the last method here will modify the Stack passed in as a parameter.
And I will allow, YES, the use of the Collections Class.