java week 10

DATA 10;WEEK 10;DATA;Please provide a step-by-step progression toward the desired product.;Though detailing, try to limit your product to within one to three pages.;If you choose to use outside research, please cite your source.;Canadian Maple Trees,Inc. has a distributed relational database with tables and computers and Halifax, Montr?al, Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver. The database consists of 12 tables, some of which are replicated in multiple cities. Among them are tables A, B, and C, with the following characteristics.;Table A consists of 800,000 records and is located and Halifax, Montr?al, and;Vancouver.;Table B consist of 100,000 records and is located at Halifax and Toronto.;Table C consist of 20,000 records and is located in Ottawa and Vancouver.;Telecommunications cost among Montr?al, Ottawa, and Toronto are relatively low, while telecommunications costs between those three cities and Halifax and Vancouver are relative high.;A query is issued from Montr?al that requires a join of tables A, B, and C. The queries involves a single record from table A, 20 records from table B, and an undetermined number of records from table C. Develop and justify a plan for solving this query.