Java 10

Java 10;Chester wk 10;JAVA 10;Using Object-Oriented Design;Consider the following problem;CompanyXYZ needs a program to build a database concerning employee information. The program should do the following;Ask employees for their name and number of dependents clean for tax purposes.;Display a message to verify the number of tax deductions. (This will be one more than the number of dependents entered.);Let employees select whether they want personal health insurance or family health insurance.;Display message to verify the inspection and tell each employee the cost of the selection.;Let employees select whether they want to deduct union dues from their paycheck.;Display message to verify the selection and tell each employ the cost of the selection.;Show the OOD solution of this problem;Step one: indent all nouns.;Step two: identify class(es);Step three: identified data members from each of the classes.;Step four: identify operations for each of the objects (classes).