IT in supply chain management

Topic: IT in supply chain management

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All answers have to be in points even if its long points
Question 1
1300-1500 words
A. (15%) Describe the aspects of BI (Business Intelligence) and discuss the advantages of BI to the organisation.

B. (10%) Describe the importance of Accuracy, Timeliness and Usability to Business Intelligence.
Answer the 3 things in separate points

C. (10%) Discuss the evolution of labeling technology and the key components that enable it to ensure the integrity of the supply chain.
Answer in points contain key labeling requirements, barcode …….etc

Question 2 – 1300-1500 words (50%)
A. (20%) Discuss the impact of excess inventory on a business. List several IT systems used in the Supply Chain and describe their influence on controlling and reducing inventory.
It has to be more than 4 points to answer that question contain advantages and disadvantages

B. (20%) Discuss the drivers, success rates & challenges of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) implementations.
3 separate parts the answer to this question ,at least 6 strong points in each part , that’s mean 18 strong points or more in total

C. (10%) List the main components of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems detailing the benefits to the business of each component.
For example : benefits, abilities, reporting, analyses, predicting, data mining , data wear houses , seals , customer service , marketing etc.

Please make sure All answers have to be in points even if its long points