ISEM 540: Enterprise Architectures & Integration

ISEM 540: Enterprise Architectures & Integration
PROJECT 2: Integrated Enterprise Architectures
(170 Points)

PART C: Self Assessment and Free for All (50 Points)

Note: This is Individual Assignment

Each team member will do the following two simple assignments
• Self Assessment (40 Points) of your results by using a computer aided planning and gamification tool to do Part A and B, comparing the results and identifying future areas of research and investigation. More information will be provided later.
• Possible Thesis/Practical Project (10 Points): prepare a one page proposal on a topic of your choice that you may want to pursue for thesis or applied project (capstone). For CPT students, you must choose a topic that is related to your CPT assignment. You can put this proposal at the end of Self Assessment Report.
Attachment A: Enterprise Business Pattern for a General Enterprise

Figure 2 shows the main business processes (BPs) of a general enterprise. This pattern is a common sketch that can be customized for any enterprise anywhere in the world.

Figure 1: Enterprise Business Pattern for a Government Agency
Attachment B: Discovering and Invoking a Service (ERT Posted on the Discussion Forum)

This is the ERT Dispatch Center that shows the 2 service requests. You have to show your answer to the following two service requests in your gamified slides with appropriate sequencing (i.e., what happens first, etc).

1. Service Discovery Request: Please tell us Who you are, what is the service you are providing (e.g., name & email address of the service provider, name of the service and any attributes such as cost of providing the service, the average response time). You should add at least 2 more optional elements to this DTD (your choice). Your response should be an XML doc that conforms to the following DTD:

2. Service Invocation Request: Please also tell us how can your service be invoked electronically. This should be roughly in the WSDL format given below: