Is there an association between capital punishment and crime

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Capital punishment is viewed as a special crime because the manner in which the death sentence convicts are treated is different from other convicts (Brennan, 2008). In addition, the social prejudice that is associated with capital punishment is much greater and it cannot be compared by the ordinary crimes. Many countries as a result have abolished the capital punishment. Some states within the U.S federation have maintained the death penalty punishment of the offenders unlike other states within the federation (Ghassemi, 2009). In Asia the capital punishment of offenders has been viewed negatively. The only similarity between capital punishment and the ordinary sentences is that both are crimes but the magnitude of the difference shows that these two are far from similar.

The punishment of capital punishment includes hang and lethal injection. This is because the death penalty convicts are considered to have committed intolerable crimes against humanity such a rape and murder (Johnson, 2010). The ordinary legal punishment usually involves a given period of sentencing by but capital punishment involves confirmed ultimatum of death of the offenders.  In addition, parole is usually denied for capital punishment as opposed to other crimes in which consideration of the punishment is given (Hudson, 2009).


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