Introducing Cultural Anthropology

(1) Becoming a foreigner: Spend an hour or more in the midst of a group of people who are culturally and perhaps even linguistically very different from you. One way to do this is to attend a worship event with a group ethnically different from your own. Anglos, for example, could visit a Black, Hispanic or Korean church. Or you may visit a service in an Islamic mosque, Buddhist temple or Jewish synagogue. You may go together in a small group.

The educational value of this assignment lies not in the worship experience, but in the cross-cultural event.   Places where ethnic groups gather for worship in Oklahoma City  (2) Interview. Conduct an extended interview with a non-U.S. citizen or at least someone  who immigrated to this country as a young person or an adult. Ask them about their culture shock issues involving travel, food, language, family, concepts of time and economics. You can also ask such questions as:  1. What has the interviewee been most surprised about your (interviewer) culture?  2. How does the interviewee think he or she has been most misunderstood by  members of your (interviewer) culture?  3. A funny, humorous or embarrassing incident involving either the target language  or culture  4. Greatest cross-cultural disappointment or disillusionment  5. Most important advice they would give to people headed for cross-cultural service  6. Specific ways life has been richer because of cross-cultural experience


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