Internet marketing

Internet marketing

Scenario: You are an online tutor of a virtual university and have been asked to deliver the concepts and elements of internet marketing to your class. For your online class, make a video presentation that covers all key areas of the AC’s below for your students. Along with the presentation, you are required to upload a fully referenced draft of the content that you have covered in the presentation on “My Page”. You will using eBay as a reference to explain the AC’s below.

LO1:Understand marketing through the internet

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1.1    Explain the elements of internet marketing

The internet is fast becoming an exciting place to be for marketers because it offers interactive marketing unlike never seen before. With the internet the possibilities for marketing are endless! Go ahead and show appreciation and understanding of marketing concepts, from defining what internet marketing is, to passing on your genius level knowledge to others, about elements and mechanisms in internet marketing.

Consider the following:
The elements of internet marketing: definition of digital marketing; definition of e-commerce and e-business; the internet micro- and macro-environment; benefits of internet marketing e.g. reach, scope, immediacy, interactivity, targeting; adaptive and closed loop marketing

1.2     Evaluate the internet marketing mix

eBay is one of the world’s biggest success stories and one which inspires everyone into developing an online presence because of its phenomenal growth. Some say that this growth could be simply put down to its impressive combination of internet marketing mix, what do you think?

Define, discuss and explain the e-marketing mix. Explain how e-channels help businesses get a competitive edge. Relate your explanation to eBay as much as you can.

Consider the following:
The internet marketing mix: product and branding; place e.g. channels, virtual organisations; price e.g. auctions; promotions; people; processes; physical evidence

1.3 Compare internet marketing tools – e-tools
There is a diverse mix of e-tools that businesses enjoy in digital marketing today. Discuss and compare various internet marketing tools and explain why and how businesses can use them to boost their operations.

Consider the following:
digital marketing tools/e-tools,

1.4    Examine interactive order processing
The ultimate aim of the processes we have looked at so far is simply to harness the power of the internet to draw in customers and streamline order processing because orders filled means money received. Follow the trail of what happens from when a customer goes online with the intention to buy a product from eBay and then what happens up till the point you receive the goods. Be critical of these steps and examine why they are important for successful order processing too. You might find it helpful to look at what happens in steps and then combining them into a trail by using a flowchart in your presentation.

Consider the following:
the online marketing matrix including business and consumer markets; the online customer interactive order processing: choosing a supplier; selecting a product; check stock availability; placing order; authorisation of payment; input of data; data transfer; order processing; online confirmation and delivery information; tracking of order; delivery; data integrity and security systems; technology e.g. three-tier architecture (client-server-database); web forms,

Documentary Advice:
–    Make as much use of website images, video’s of experts in the industry, written concepts from books, references of the text from the net to give your presentation a professional look.
–    You will need to submit a script of what you said in your video presentation as well. This shows all the planning you carried out and what you said so that any problems in your communication ironed out. Remember that Harvard referencing applies and your script will be sent through Turn-it-in so make sure it’s your own work.

In your class discuss and prepare a presentation that encompasses all of the outcomes of task 1. You should be able to submit the documentary and its script within the given deadline to achieve a pass.

Evidence checklist    Summary of evidence required by student    Checklist – tick once completed
LO1 AC1.1    Explain the elements of internet marketing  (Task1)
LO1 AC1.2    Evaluate the internet marketing mix (Task1)
LO1 AC1.3    Compare internet marketing tools – e-tools (Task1)
LO1 AC1.4    Examine interactive order processing (Task1)


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