Innovation and Organization Behavior

Paper instructions:
Assignment 6.1: Discussion — Innovation and Organization Behavior

In this assignment, you will apply insights from the readings to explore the interconnections between innovation/change initiatives and organization behaviors and how they affect outcomes in ventures.

1.In a Forum post, describe a change or innovation initiative that you have participated in or that you have led (in any kind of venture – this could be your place of work, a volunteer organization, a community-based initiative, etc.).
a.Begin by providing a brief overview, addressing the who, what, where, when, and why of the situation.
b.Provide comments on the kind of innovation that is being attempted. What is the scope? Would you consider this a strategic innovation, or not? Why?
c.What difficulties and obstacles were encountered? Please describe, drawing on the theme readings if relevant.
d.Drawing on the readings in Theme 3, what can you say about the stage of the panarchy cycle that the organization was in at the time?
e.Also drawing on the readings in Theme 3, what ideas or actions could you have applied to the innovation initiative that might have been helpful?

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