True/False Questions;1.;A USENET newsgroup or Web-based forum is a perfect place for an e-business to place advertisements for its products and services. True or False?;2.;The marketing mix identifies the elements of your marketing strategies over which you have control. True or False?;3.;A trademark and a brand are the same thing. True or False?;4.;Qualitative market research involves using statistical methods to analyze data. True or False?;5.;It is a good idea for an e-business to periodically review search engine results, using the keywords already submitted to search engines and meta tag keywords, to see how high its URL is returned in a hit list. True or False?;Multiple Choice Questions;1. Which of the following depends on user-submitted information to compile its index?;a. search engine;b. directory;c. blog;d. affiliate program;2. Which of the following best describes marketing objectives?;a. attainable;b. measurable;c. time-specific;d. all of the above;247248;3. Shoshkele ads are also called;a. banner ads.;b. floating ads.;c. pop-up ads.;d. streaming media ads.;4. The art of building Web pages and Web site links that are easy for a search spider to index is called;a. search engine blogging.;b. search engine linking.;c. search engine advertising.;d. None of the above.;5. Which of the following marketing tools can help boost your site’s link popularity as measured by some search engines?;a. opt-in e-mail;b. blogging;c. link exchanges;d. streaming media ads;True/False Questions;1. An affiliate program is both a marketing tool and a revenue generator. True or False?;2. A pay-per-click program requires a visitor to make a purchase at the merchant’s site in order for the affiliate to earn a referral fee. True or False? 276277;3. A super affiliate is a one of a handful of high-performing affiliates that generate the majority of affiliate traffic to a merchant site. True or False?;4. An affiliate agreement may restrict the types of marketing tools an affiliate can use to drive traffic to its site. True or False?;5. Parasiteware is used by unethical affiliates to download hundreds of cookies from theirWeb sites to a visitor’s computer. True or False?;Top of Form 1;Multiple Choice Questions;1. The affiliate program in which a click-through must result in a sale in order for an affiliate to earn a fee or commission is a;a. cost-per-lead program.;b. cost-per-click program.;c. pay-per-click program.;d. None of the above.;2. The e-business that operates an affiliate program is called the;a. publisher.;b. super affiliate.;c. associate.;d. merchant.;3. Which of the following items is usually defined in an affiliate agreement?;a. dispute resolution;b. fee and commission schedules;c. restrictions on using a merchant’s name, logo, and site content;d. all of the above;4. An affiliate management network;a.;provides network security services for its members.;b.;manages all aspects of an affiliate program for its members.;c.;sends spam on behalf of its members.;d.;blocks tracking cookies for its members.;5.;Which federal action holds merchants responsible for e-mail advertising messages sent on the merchant’s behalf?;a.;Advertising Providers Act of 2001;b.;MBPA Act of 2003;c.;Affiliate Program Monitoring Act of 2005;d.;CAN-SPAM Act of 2003;True/False Questions;1.;A Web site should be designed around both the site’s business objectives and its audiences’ needs and wants. True or False?;2.;Web sites designed to work successfully with high-speed connections and the latest Web browser technologies pose no problems for site visitors using older technologies and slower connection speeds. True or False?;3.;The storyboarding process can help you plan for an optimum Web site structure and linking relationships between the site’s pages. True or False?;4.;Visitors to your Web site are primarily interested in generating profits for your e-business. True or False?;317;318;5.;The terms “accessibility” and “usability” mean the same thing in good Web site and page design. True or False?;Multiple Choice Questions;1.;The first step in creating an e-business Web site is to;a.;select a color scheme.;b.;determine the site’s business objectives and its target audiences’ expectations.;c.;create a storyboard.;d.;decide which pages to include.;2.;Which of the following Web site organizational structures creates a more interesting and, at the same time, more usable site?;a.;linear structure;b.;webbed structure;c.;pure hierarchical structure;d.;mixed hierarchical structure;3.;Which of the following navigational elements provides feedback to visitors about where they are at the site in relation to where they started?;a.;navigation tab;b.;embedded text link;c.;breadcrumb trail;d.;rollover link;4.;Which of the following is not a good design practice when writing Web page text?;a.;using a dark text color on a light background;b.;writing succinct sentences and paragraphs;c.;using industry jargon;d.;using a familiar font such as Times New Roman or Arial;5.;Outsourcing your startup e-business’s Web design and development can;a.;save time and money.;b.;provide access to experienced design professionals who are knowledgeable about current design guidelines and technologies.;c.;provide access to Web usability experts.;d.;All of the above.;?;True/False Questions;1.;SGML is the ISO standard for markup languages. True or False?;2.;XML is a markup language used to define data, while HTML is a markup language used to lay out and format data. True or False?;3.;The Notepad program is a WYSIWYG-based Web authoring tool. True or False?;4.;The data gathered from Web server logs or page tagging can give you a 100 percent accurate analysis of your Web site visitors’ behaviors. True or False?;5.;A Web site benchmark is a performance-based goal. True or False?;Multiple Choice Questions;1.;The benefit an e-business gets in return for the time and money spent to plan, develop, publish, and operate its Web site is called;a.;benchmarking.;b.;Web analytics.;c.;return on investment.;d.;page tagging.;2.;Which of the following markup languages is the current W3C standard for creating Web pages?;a.;SMIL;b.;XHTML;c.;HTML;d.;XML;357;358;3.;Which of the following is a WYSIWYG-based Web page authoring tool?;a.;HTMLPad;b.;Dreamweaver;c.;ActiveX controls;d.;Java;4.;Which of the following multimedia tools can be used to lay out Web pages or create a Web site storyboard?a.;Photoshop;b.;Flash;c.;FreeHand;d.;Fireworks;5.;Which of the following tools are used to create Web page interactivity with databases?;a.;Active Server Page (ASP);b.;PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor;c.;Common Gateway Interface (CGI) script;d.;all of the above;True/False Questions;1.;Risk management is a three-step process for identifying, assessing, and managing risks to business assets. True or False?;2.;A business continuity plan (BCP) is used to identify vulnerabilities in network security. True or False?;3.;Penetration testing uses real-world hacking tools to test the security of a network or Web site. True or False?;4.;A mass mailing worm is a program that appears to do something useful, but instead does something destructive or malicious. True or False?;5.;Insurance can be an effective part of an e-business’s risk management program. True or False?;Multiple Choice Questions;1.;Which of the following uses “zombie” computers to attack a network?;a.;Trojan horse;b.;Web site defacement;c.;Sobig-F worm;d.;DDoS attack;2.;Which of the following is part of managing risks identified during the risk management process?;a.;transferring all or part of the risk to someone else;b.;avoiding the risk;c.;reducing the potential loss from the risk;d.;all of the above;3.;A firewall is;a.;an established network performance reference point.;b.;software or hardware designed to isolate a private network from a public network.;c.;a virus that infects programs.;d.;off-site storage for electronic data backups.