importance of community and/or isolation in Son’s and lovers and Odour of Chrysanthemums

Analyze the
What ideas of community in both texts? Walter Morel’s dialect shows the importance of community, pg 15.
S and L: Ideas of community is central to the text as the Morel’s come from a mining community. First few pages built up a sense of working-class mining community.
OOC: Same community, a mining community, close knit but separate?
Both give a sense of community with the opening passages one that is complex and vivid, “
In both texts the idea of community, particularly working-class mining communities are a central motif. The opening passages give us an insight into the complexity of these communities. “The bottoms consisted of six blocks of miners’ dwellings, two rows of three”, the vivid detail of the houses embodies imagery of togetherness of the humans that inhabit these homes yet also alludes to the subtle industrialization of these communities, “The gin-pit’s were elbowed aside by the large mines of the financiers”. Along with Odour of Chrysanthemums, “Miners, single, trailing and in groups, passed like shadows diverging home.” The imagery shows a relation between the humans that embody these communities and the work that they do as it’s all entwined and connected. The anonymous woman represents the entrapment that many in these communities felt as like Walter Bates and Walter Morel they couldn’t see past this community. (Triumph of realism) The use of realism gives us an insight into how these working-class communities of miners lived and died. The idea of community in both texts is shown through class, religion and culture.

What kinds of community do Walter Morel and Walter Bates inhabit?
S and L:

How do the texts give us a sense of the isolation of Gertrude Morel and Elizabeth Bates?
S and l:

What separate kinds of community do the women inhabit?
S and L:

Once done all this look at the tensions in the identities between the men (maybe along Marxist lines), or the tensions between working class culture (the Dionysian-dancing, drinking etc) and the middle class-culture to which Gertrude aspires (which is abour order and about productivity, hence Gertrude alllignment with forcing Walter to work harder and make more money – she is implicity on the side of the industrialist).

In Following their mother, William and Paul are committed to alienating forms of desk-bound labor but they reach out to activities which connect them to their father (the fancy dress ball for willliam; affairs for Paul). The boys are divided between working and middle class attitutdes, between father and mother between Dionysian and the Apollonian.

Pink means ideas of community for bothwalters, Elizabeth and Gertrude. Orange means ideas of isolation for Gertrude and Elizabeth also the separate kinds of community they inhabit.
Orange for Dionysian/Apollonian principles. Pink for Marxist ones.