“I just need help for Financial analysis part i.e….

“I just need help for Financial analysis part i.e. last 2nd part of project. Rest is already completed. Step 1 I will do by myself. So need help for * Financial Analysis including NPV calculations for Course Project. I am submitting completed work which needs for completing this step. The CP-1 Project Proposal will be structured with the following sections: ? Cover Page including assignment, project title, course, and student contact information. ? Executive Summary/Proposal which “summarizes” the content from the entire document with quantifiable highlights such as overall cost, duration, revenue, etc., and makes the pitch to investors along with a request for the needed funds. ? Project Description which describes the project and the need for it. ? WBS with proper grouping, indenting, and coding for approximately 25 to 40 tasks. ? Cost Estimate for each task. Capital cost estimates should include building, franchise fees, equipment, etc., if required for your project. ? Advanced Cost Estimating Technique which describes the use of an advanced technique such as three-point or contingency estimating and an example of its use in your project. ? Cost Assumptions including a list of assumptions made when deriving your estimates. ? Financial Analysis including NPV calculations. ? Schedule including MSP Gantt chart schedule (required), including tasks, task relationships, task duration, and task resources. “,attachment 2,attachment 3,Attachment 3 is a Microsoft Project file. Same details is Attachment 1 on Last page i.e. Project Schedule section: Screenshot.,Attachment 3 as xls,Please help me and give me solution for just Financial Analysis including NPV calculations for this Project. It should be in detail. Thanks a lot.,Here are more details about project. If any other value needed then please make assumption, because here we have to assume by ourself, no number value is provided to me for this calculations:’ Cost Estimating Technique The Group PM592, LLC Project Manager utilized the Three-Point Estimation (Range) technique in order to analyze the cost estimates for the shirts needed for the copetition. Three point estimates assist project managers in estimating the cost of materials when exact costs are unknown. Using historical data, the PM will be able to tell that specific costs fluctuate over time and will be unable to determine the exact amount that the material will cost at the time of the project estimation. By using ranges from low (optimistic), most likely, and high (pessimistic) the PM will be able to get a more accurate estimate which is refined using a specific formula. The formula that refines the ranges of cost provides a ?weighting? to the three ranges of cost. Formula: Pexp = (Popt + 4 x Pmost + Ppess) / 6 Since Group PM592, LLC will be supplying the shirts for this event which will include the team shirts, the workers shirts (judges), as well as the awards for the winners is was necessary to provide the possible cost for this portion so that the participants are successfully uniformed. The PM wanted to review a range of possible estimated costs for this specific portion. The expected Cost per Shirt: Most Likely: $8/Shirt Optimistic: $5/Shirt Pessimistic: $15/Shirt Pexp= $5 + 4 x $8 + $15/ 6 Pexp= $7.12/Shirt The expected Amount of Shirts: Most Likely Quantity: 36 Shirts Optimistic Quantity: 20 Shirts Pessimistic Quantity: 50 Shirts Pexp= 20 + 4 x 36 + 50/ 6 Pexp= 35.6 Shirts Using the Complex estimating method: Expected Cost: $7.12 x 35.6 + $253.41 Most Optimistic Cost: $5 x 20= $100 Pessimistic Cost: $15 x 50= $750 $100 + (4 x $253.41) + $750/ 6 The final estimated cost for the shirts: $ 310.61 By using the three point contingency estimation formula, Group PM592, LLC can provide a more accurate estimate of the needed funding for the shirts. Cost Assumptions Group PM592, LLC has developed a list of assumptions that we derived during the estimation process. List of Assumptions: 1. The shirts will be the correct sizes 2. The amount of shirts needed will be accurate 3. The shirts will be detailed and have the correct spelling, formats, and logos 4. The pricing for the shirts are accurately estimated 5. The amount of shirts will be used and or given away 6. We are not over spending as well as under spending,Hi, Will you be helping me on this? Please let me know. Thanks