HRMD 651 Team Analysis Paper

Topic: HRMD 651 Team Analysis Paper

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This is a team Analysis report paper. Here is a little background on what the team did before you write the paper:

1. The team facilitated online discussions on the topic e-learning. we were task to act like the professor by using different facilitation techniques. we used the following techniques:

1. Showed a video on E-learning
2. Provide thorough research on e-learning
3. Ask in depth thought provoking questions to classmates in the discussion forum
4. answer questions from classmates in the discussion forum

If i am to grade my fellow team members i would say that they deserve an A just like me because equal efforts was placed on the team facilitation despite all the challenges.


Each team member will deliver a short confidential ‘Team Analysis’ paper back to the professor in the Assignments part of the Grade book within ten days of completion of the activity. (30%)

The paper will include answers to the following questions:

1) What did you learn about facilitation or about course content in general from this activity?

2) What did you do to make classroom more engaging?

3) What grade would you give to your other team members for their participation and contribution to developing the activity and their participation in the weekly discussion?

The paper should be no more than nine paragraphs. Three paragraphs max for each of the three questions.